Biscotte For Sale

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Overlanding Sprinter

4×4 Adventure Van, Ready to go, Family Friendly

2001 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI Model Westfalia James Cook 2.2 litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel upgraded to 114KW (160HP) , 3,500kg,  3550mm wheelbase, Track 1651mm, overall length 5640cm, Height 3.4m, Max Wading depth 2.0m, Currently Approx 270 000km

Short wheel-base, military grade and indestructable 4×4 and Euro3 (high sulfur capacity) motor, this is an all-terrain world traveler.

We are the third owners of this van. The second owner owned the vehicle for about a year, of which he did a 3-month honeymoon from Austria-Mongolia-Austria. Then we went BACK to Mongolia…twice!

You are looking at one of the toughest 4×4 to wander the planet – or at least Central Asia – in comfort and style. And by comfort, I mean to say more comfortable (and more rooms) than my Paris apartment. She is the most comfortable travelling dirt and rocky terrain in any back country anywhere. She will pound any trail into dust (and keep the dust on the outside with her HEPA filters), and she will eat up any road in Africa. She’ll allow the occasional grocery shopping spree, but if your sole intent is to drive this vehicle to the mall to showboat her awesomeness…she is not for sale. You’ll likely grow more chest hair after buying this van. This is a warning and disclaimer for any woman interested in buying her. I know, I know that it may get tiring to have people take pictures of your beast, to have to constantly pose in front of it. To have cars chase you down, just to ask you at the next stoplight if you have 4×4. Or to incessantly ask the butt-crack poking out from underneath her to move so you can drive away. Police and military checkpoints can be counted on to be easily passed – as long as the guys get a chance to oogle the inside. All talk of football is tabled when Biscotte is around. Scratches on the paint, what real 4×4 worth its name doesn’t? There are a few battle scars, which only prove her capacity and skill at survival.

If you are looking for a meticulously maintained vehicle that will get you about anywhere, please call or text.

46 500 Euro

For more details, contact us at

(*see below for comparison with Toyota Landcruiser ‘Troop Carrier’)

The Cargo Box – A closer look

Rear storage with Cargo Box removed

Specs Before Iglhaut Conversion

Before Iglhaut conversion

The Vehicle
Construction: 2001
Kilometrage certified : 290 000 km
Color exterior : noir
Color interior : Gris / Blanc
Motor : 2.2 litre turbo diesel EURO3 (Supports high-sulfur, low quality diesel)
Conso: 10 à 12 litres par 100km
Transmission : manuel 5 (Hi and low transfer case)
Seatbelts : 5
Sleeps : 4/5

Length : 5,60 m (with cargo box 5.9m)
Width: 1,95 m
Height (antenna folded): 3,35 m
Wheelbase: 1,651 m
Total weight permitted : 3T5
Swimming depth: 2 m
Binder of receipts and details : since new

Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Traction Control
Remote locking
Power Windows
Heated Side Mirrors
Headlight Range Control, 3-step
Swivel front seats
ISRI Swivel 9 way adjustable Driver seat with folding arm rest
5 speed manual transmission
Driver and Passenger Airbags
Factory Alarm System

2007 Inglhaut-Allrad (€32 000) kit
Full-time 4×4, skid plates and transfer case protection
High and low range center differential
Limited-slip rear end
Central differential locker – electronic
Rear differential locker – electronic/vacuum
4 inch lift
265/75 R 16 BF Goodrich All-terrain A/T (5 rims, 6 tires) (new@ 234 560km)
16″ Aluminum Gelandewagen wheel conversion, fender flairs
Engine Upgrade Power Chip
Upgraded brakes (4 tonne)
Upgraded suspension (4 tonne)
100 L Diesel Tank (consumption ~10-12 L/100km, max to date 855km)
TUV approved

Westfalia James Cook
3 roof vents – curtain and mosquito net
2 side opening upper windows, tinted – curtain and mosquito net
Large driver side rear window – roller shade and mosquito net
2x Large passenger rear window – with shade
Folding upper bed, 2 adults, 195 x 155 cm with Children’s Safety net
3 person bench seating (with 3 seatbelts), folds to bed 195 x 128 cm
Removable, Stowable dining table
Folding « snack table », 3x folding drink holders
2 flame propane stove (2x 6kg propane/butane bottles)
Sink, hot and cold running water
4x fluorescent 11W lights on 12v system
2x 5W halogen spot
1x 5w Halogen on flexible neck (BED)
Fridge, 60l, 42 W compression
Battery Charger – when connected to 220 from external source, 3-220V plugs
2×90 AH AGM batteries (Buttner Elektronik, MT AGM, New @ 25 Apr 2016, €536)
10L hot water tank, propane heated
Integrated clothes line system
Thetford C200 Toilet, 20 L cassette
Central control – heating, cooling, water level – fluid levels, battery capacity
Locking Safe
Garbage bag holder
FIAMA Awning
Umbrella holder
PDF James Cook Brochure


  1. Standard auto heater – engine running, use dials on center of dash to control heat. Note that the two vents in the center top of the dash (just above/ around the stereo) only allow fresh un-heated or cooled air into the vehicle – turn these off/ close these when you want heated (or cooled) air only in the vehicle.
  2. Engine heat scavenger – on the right most heater control in the center of the dash, look for the text « REST ». This is a button which can be used after the vehicle engine is turned off to scavenge the remaining heat from the engine and blow it into the vehicle’s interior. GREAT when you park for an evening of camping and/or don’t want to / aren’t ready to turn on the diesel furnace.
  3. Engine & Interior pre-heater – Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5W Z diesel Heater On the bank of switches to the right of the shift knob, use the heat symbol (wavy lines rising) to turn on an engine & interior pre-heater. This heater is diesel fired and it will heat the engine coolant and blow the resulting heated air into the vehicle interior. Great for a cold morning to pre-warm both the engine and the vehicle interior.
  4. Diesel Furnace –  Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D4s 12v with high/low altitude fuel pump controlled via the control panel above where the rear view mirror would be if we had a rear window. There are a number of different ways to control this heater (via timers to turn it on and via simple temperature settings). Tested -11 degrees, 3700m elevation

100 l fresh water tank
80 l dirty water tank
Water pump 10l/min, pressurized:
-Faucet next to sink
-Faucet/Shower Toilet
-External cold water shower
10L TRAUMA hot water propane heated water tank
Fittings for external (cold) water shower

Starter Battery 12v 100AH sealed battery, MB brand
220V external source (three 220V plugs working when connected externally, integrated house battery charger)
2x90AH AGM batteries working: Electric Center, Heater, Fridge, lights (4x11W flo, 1x5W halogen spot), warm water boiler, waterpump, TV/SAT
80W SOLARA flexible, high efficiency solar panels
INVERTER…300W inverter temporarily connected to 12v house battery; hardwired to 2x globally universal plugs (1-Table, 1-Counter)

File all documentation users manuals and maintenance/service SINCE NEW
Becker Radio / Navi / CD with Bluetooth hands-free and iPod / Phone interface
RTO SX-3500 Stereo Amplifier (not connected)
CRYSTOP Autosat2F DVB automatic satellite TV Receiver
Sharp Acos 15” LCD Color TV
2x 40W SOLARA SM160 ultra-slim max-efficiency, flexible solar panels (1200 Euros)
SUNLINE SR165 Duo Solar charge controller
Sliding Door Mosquito Net
WESTFALIA carpeting (3 Pieces, Driver zone, center and kitchen)
Integrated Beer bottle opener
Memory Foam (5cm) mattresses cut to fit upper bed
Hinged, Aluminum 4 door Cargo box (€7500)
Snorkel (hand made, stainless3.5″ pipe, €500)with 7.5″ Donaldson Pre-Filter (€85)
Snow Chains x4 (unused €500)
6 kg Fire Extinguisher, powder, ABC

2x PROVENTURE sand plates
8T bottle jack
5x 20L metal Jerry Cans
4T metal D-Shackle
High-lift Jack (and accessories)
*2x ARB 9m, 11000kg tow straps (unused)
*2x Soft Shackle 10T
*Mr Funnel fuel filter
*Bow saw

Fuel Filter – 2
Oil Filter – 2
Cabin Filter – 1
Air Filter – 0
Fan belt – 1
Front Brake pads – 1 set
MB Stock Oil, 229.51 – 2 Litres
MB SAE90 Oil – 3 litres
Spare motor oil, lube, silicon, WD40, Grease Gun and Grease
Bulbs, Fuses
Fresh Water pump, 10l/min – 1
Reusable Part- Motor Vacuum Pump
Reusable Part- Turbo Vacuum Pressure Switch

Pre Trip updates, additions
Resealing, caulking bathroom floor
Remove, repair and reinstall bathroom sink/shower faucet (broken pump switch wire)
Removal and caulking center roof vent, Bathroom roof vent
Permanent (switch on with key) Fuse-box installation of 2-hole 12V powerpoint underdash – *GPS and *DashCam
Installed double 12V+USB socket in living area connected to house batts for charging computers and phones
Hardwired 2x 220V GLOBALLY UNIVERSAL sockets (1-Table, 1-Kitchen Counter) for connection to 12v/220v inverter
Fabrication, installation, locking equipment for rear bench seat « lockbox »
Paint snorkel, added Donaldson Cyclonic 7,5″ snorkel head (and removable rain cover)
Repair rust rear door sills where the water rests in the rubber seal
Cleaning and lubrication of dash heater controls
Replaced FIAMMA awning supports on vehicle (aluminum)
Removal, cleaning, reinstallation of exterior temperature sensor
Modified TV articulated support, cleaned up wiring
Table modified to be free-standing on removable legs for outdoors use
Installed FanTastic Fan, Endless Breeze, into rear toilet hatch, fully independent, fuse protected wiring with DPDT switch for in/out flow
Installed extension to Rear Differential, Center Differential(and Transfer Case) and Front Differential vent hose to 1.5m wading height – capped with airfilter and valve closure capacity.
Installed secondary DOOR locks (HeoSolution) on two front doors and sliding door
Installed Color LED strip lighting (with Remote) for warmer atmosphere
Build adapter for GPL filling of GAZ bottle
Fabricated Adapter for 220v external power connection

Pre-Trip Maintenance
Alignment (Bayonne France, 217615km)
Change Engine oil and filter (Germany, 220800km)
Change SAE90 in front, rear and center differential(Germany, 220800km)
Change Brake Fluid in system (Germany, 220800km)
Replace front driver wheel bearing (Germany, 220800km)

Maintenance Ongoing
Change 4 injectors (Krasnoyarsk, RUS 231565km)
Replace motor fuel lines (Irkutsk, RUS 232761km)
Engine oil and filter (Irkutsk, RUS 243864km)
Change SAE90 gear oil in transmission and center differential (Irkutsk, RUS 243864km)
Grease U-joints (Irkutsk, RUS 243864km)
Replace Turbo actuator vacuum switch (Irkutsk, RUS 243864km)
Replace Turbo and Turbo Actuator (Irkutsk, Rus 243864km)
Change SAE90 gear oil Rear Differential (Ulan Baatar, MGL 245390km)
Change Motor Vacuum Pump (Ulan Baatar, MGL 245390km)
Change front right ball joint/Alignment (Marktbreit, D 256825km)
Repair rear differential lock (Marktbreit, D, 256825km)
Rebuild ABS Hydraulic pump, change Dot4 (Zittau, D 257340km)
Oil, filter, grease U-joints (Ankara, Tur 263107km)
4x BFG AT KO2 LT265/75R16 LRD R (Ankara, Tur 264530km)
Replace front shock absorbers (Tashkent, UZ 274017km)
Replace front transverse leaf springs (Dushanbe, TJ 275670km)
Replace intake manifold gasket x4, Replace Right Lower A-Arm, 2x bushing, 1xLower ball joint, Replace Rear differential front oil seal, Replace Left Rear Torsion Bracket, Grease 7x U-Joints, Alignment, Clean and Adjust E-Brake (Almaty, KZ 279783km)

Surprise! Things that reveal themselves over time..
With a new-used car there are always hidden problems that show up over time. Problems left over from previous owner.
• REGULATED: manual pump for Driver seat Lumbar Support.
• REGULATED: RT front headlight completely out of alignment
• REGULATED: Incorrectly installed Rack and Pinion, left control arm fell off at 110km/h. Required new alignment (merci Didier, Point Plus, Bayonne!)
• REGULATED: Both front Strut upper mounting nuts loose, with Driver’s Side bolt nearly falling off. Retightened both nuts. Alignment seems to be unaffected if the struts shifted.
• REGULATED: 3 leaking fuel injectors, replaced all 4 at 231565km
• REGULATED: Cracked spare (aluminum) rim, not holding air. Welded repaired.
• REGULATED: Incorrect aluminum rim, hub hole too small to fit rear hub, causing 2 stripped lug-nuts. Rim amended, lug-nuts replaced
• REGULATED: Leaking vacuum system in motor, affecting turbo actuation and rear diff lock
• REGULATED: noise and vibration inside van. Replaced missing attaching/hanging hardware for interior cupboards, Loctite remaining nuts in place. Generous application of neoprene rubber at key locations.
• NOT REGULATED: Eberspacher D5W Hydronic motor heater – Faulty flame sensor according to MB UlanBaatar. Tried to fix in UB, mechanic broke the unit during disassembly from VAN. It is likely it has never worked, as campers like this are mostly summer use. Since we never used it on the trip, a problem for another time.

*not for sale with vehicle

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Compare Specs

Toyota Land Cruiser J78 , Troup Carrier
External dimensionsStandard
– Length (mm)5220
– Width (mm)1790
– Height (mm)2115
– Wheelbase (mm)2980
– Max wading depth (mm)700

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